Artist's Dance Experience:


The Experience:  Is to build a dance community across New York State. To allow the Artist's an event that provides a canvas for them to showcase their work and gain knowledge from other teachers.


The Event:  is a one day event.  Master Classes given by participating dance studios & companies, tech during the day and choreographers showcase in the evening.  It's that simple.


Master Class with Tricia Zegarelli

​Elevation Contemporary Dance 

2018 EVENT

​Brittany Salvage soloists

This is a true experience that provides an environment to display an artist's vision...of the truest form. We offer:

  • Performance space for live Concert Dance
  • Non-Competitive Environment
  • Educational Resources 
  • Master Classes
  • Choreographer's Showcase
  • Positive & Supportive Environment
  • Building Network
  • Cost Efficient...Free to participant

How To Join Us:



  1. Please contact us by phone or email
  2. An information packet will be sent containing information about the day's event.  It will also include: Choreographer's Sheet, List of Students,& Liability Waiver.  You can choose to participate either in classes only or full package deal with showcase. 
  3. The event is one day.  Master Classes are held during tech times for artist's.  This is followed by our Choreographers Showcase in the evening.  Admission is charged to cover fees for theatre rental.

Building A Dance Community

Why Us